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kostkaGOING GREEN 2011 (Green Growth, Green Cities, Green Industry)

The second annual GOING GREEN 2011 Conference (Green Industry, Green Growth, Green Cities) is the biggest action of its kind in the CEE region. It will create a new platform for policymakers, scientists and representatives of the private sector, and seek ways to respond to current challenges – the sustainability of industry, energy, new trends in urban development, transport, housing and building, health and public services.  

The principles and importance of sustainability are gaining extensive attention and respect. Not only environmentalists, but also major global companies now stress topics previously ignored: environmental conservation, reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process and use of products, their recycling and reuse. Architects and construction firms recover waste heat and accumulate heat from the sun in smart buildings, use sunlight instead of fluorescent lamps; energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products are being heavily promoted in advertising, the renewable energy sector is growing dramatically, etc. The so-called green industry has suddenly become a crucial segment, which employs thousands of people and generates a significant share of GDP in developed states. No political party or leading private company today can exist without strong “green topics.” Climate protection has become one of the key issues of today, and is given billions of dollars, yens and euro. Not only scientists, politicians and investors are starting seriously to discuss non-carbon industry, transport and carbon-neutral cities. In short, "“green” is “in” - a global trend. Most people in developed countries have already begun to understand that resources are not endless, and that the essential change in thinking and action towards sustainability is not a threat, but a new opportunity.

Motto: The future holds the solution, but we must start working on it.

Michal Pop, Lukáš Kosina


GOING GREEN 2011 (Green Growth, Green Cities, Green Industry)