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Conference motto: The future has a solution, but we must start working on it now!

The GOING GREEN 2012 conference is the third year of this singular event on the topic in the Central and Eastern European region. The conference will open the following topics for discussion - Green Jobs, Green Growth, Green Cities, Green Industry and Green Economy. It should create a platform for politicians, scientists and private sector representatives to seek ways to react to current challenges – the sustainability of industry, energy, new trends in the development of cities, transport, housing and building, healthcare and public services. 

The principles and importance of lasting sustainability are gaining attention and respect. Not just ecologists but even major global corporations are emphasising previously neglected topics: protection of nature, reducing energy consumption during the production and use of products, recycling and reuse. Architects and building companies are starting to recuperate heat and accumulate solar energy in their buildings, using daylight instead of bulbs, promoting energy-saving products in advertising; the renewable energy sector is growing dramatically. Green industry has suddenly become an important sector, employing thousands of people and generating a substantial share of advanced nations’ GDP. 

No political party or major corporation can make do without “green topics” nowadays. Climate protection has become one of the hottest issues of the times, and billions of dollars, yens and euros are spent on it. Not just scientists, but also politicians and investors are seriously starting to debate carbon-free industry, transport and carbon-neutral cities. “Greening” is in – it is becoming a global trend. Most people in advanced nations have finally realised that resources are not bottomless and that we must start thinking differently. Aiming for sustainability is not a threat, but a new opportunity. 

What direction will this issue take? Are we ready for the challenges we face?

This and much more will be discussed at GOING GREEN 2012!

We look forward to meeting you. 

On behalf of the B.I.D. services team,


Michal Pop

Company Executive and Conference Manager 

Going Green 2012
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Auspices over the 3rd annual conference were taken over by the Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic - Mgr. Tomáš Chalupa, Councillor for the City of Prague - Radek Lohynský, and MP and Chairman of the Public Administration and Regional Developmen
Ministerstvo životního prostředí Magistrát Hlavního Města Prahy

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