Czech Infrastructure & PPP Forum 2012
02. - 03.10.2012
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hotel Angelo, Prague
Czech Infrastructure & PPP Forum 2012 – ninth year of the conference on the present and particularly the future of PPP/PFI in the Czech Republic

The much-needed development of public infrastructure during a period of economic recession carries a fundamental dilemma: Support public investment into infrastructure to help start up the economy at the price of increasing public debt? Or slow down investment spending in order to stabilise public budgets? There is no simple answer, nor is there time to hesitate. If the worsening of the condition of public infrastructure is to be prevented, investments must be made even if budgets are under pressure; moreover, there are problems with the planned revenues from Euro funds. If the public budget balance is to remain intact, we face a difficult situation that requires new approaches to solving these issues. Are politicians and officials aware of this at all? 

A possible solution is presented by PPP – the use of private financing for public infrastructure, where the burden on public budgets is spread over a longer period or transferred to the end user. At the same time, efficiency and quality of service improves. PPP is rarely used in the Czech Republic, but perhaps it is finally time for a change. To date, the public sector did not know how or want to enter into partnerships with private capital. Maybe this attitude will change in times of need. 

Things are looking up in the transport sector – there is talk about highways D3 and D1. Reforms in education, healthcare and social services are also creating a better environment for PPP, and it is already working in the water and energy sectors. Not least, changes in legislation are currently being discussed – especially in the concessions act and public procurement act. 
The first day of the conference will be focussed on infrastructure projects. The second day will look at projects on a municipal level. 

This year’s conference will be lively and interactive, focussed on open discussion and direct feedback for all those who participate. 

Profile conference topics:
  • Development of public infrastructure in times of recession 
  • Financing options and innovative structures 
  • Experience abroad
  • Present and future of PPP in the Czech Republic – does PPP have a chance to succeed?
  • Present state of PPP in CZ
  • Legislative legal framework for PPP operation in CZ, current and planned changes in legislation 
  • Situation on the emerging PPP market in the EU 
  • Practical advice and examples of PPP project implementation 
  • New projects – opportunities, trends and financing 
  • Specific projects – current, planned, new opportunities, experience and lessons learned 
  • PPP projects and municipalities
  • PPP project management 
We look forward to seeing you! 

On behalf of the team at B.I.D. services

Libuše Kameníčková
Conference Manager


Partneři konference
  • CSOB
  • Norton Rose
  • Ministerstvo dopravy
  • IFMA
  • APPP
  • Ceska informacni agentura, s.r.o.
  • Businessinfo
  • C.R.E.A.M. Europe PPP Alliance
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